Credit Repair (Personal and Business)

  1. Remove Charge-Offs and Collections (including medical)
  2. Remove Student Loans
  3. Remove Hard Inquiries
  4. Remove Late Payments
  5. Remove Bankruptcies
  6. Remove Evictions
  7. Remove Foreclosures

Credit Building

  1. Understanding the “5” Factors that Make Up Your Credit Score
  2. Revolving Credit and Knowledge Of Installment Loans
  3. Tools To Pay Off Debt
  4. Secret Lenders List
  5. Credit Repair Sweep

Business Funding Assistance

  1. LLC & Sole Proprietor
  2. Building an Accurate and Professional Business Profile
  3. Obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  4. Business Registration and Surety Bonds

Credit Coaching

  1. Knowledge of Consumer Laws
  2. How to Start Your Own Business
  3. Factual Dispute Training with Major and Sub Credit Bureaus
  4. Personal and Business Credit Building Methods

Protection of Assets

  1. Uniform Commercial Code (UCC Article 1)
  2. Uniform Commercial Code (UCC Article 2)
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