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X-TENDED HAND is designed to motivate, educate and empower clients to utilize their ambition, drive and desire to achieve their individual financial credit goals; thereby enabling each client to WAKE UP with DETERMINATION and go to bed with SATISFACTION!


  • STOP PROCASTINATING – You need to understand that procrastination is not a character trait, but rather a habit. Since it is a habit, it is 100% possible for you to unlearn it just as you have learnt the habit.
  • BECOME MORE PROACTIVE – Take personal responsibility for your success by focusing more on the future, thinking of the big picture.
  • SET GOALS – It is important to have a clear purpose to align your financial goals:
    • Make a list of all the tasks and mini tasks that you must do to achieve your goal (s), and make sure they are measurable, so you know if you are doing something right or wrong.
    • Write down the things you have to do to make the changes toward improving your personal finances.
    • You could also discipline yourself to write down every expense or put it in a spreadsheet, adding it up at the end of the month to see if you have spent more than you have earned.
  • CULTIVATE RESILIENCE – A resilient individual moves on from difficult situations quickly. Resilience is a major attribute of problem-solvers. It keeps you moving forward regardless of denials, rejections and pushback. You will stay focused on your tasks until you achieve them.
  • DEVELOP A GROWTH MINDSET – A positive mental attitude can move mountains for you. It helps you to achieve what you want from life. A growth mindset is a way of thinking that upholds hard work and dedication as the keys to success and improvement. With it, you are resilient and see failures as learning opportunities. When you challenge yourself this way, you can achieve results. Moreover, a growth mindset will improve the way you set goals for yourself, tracking learnings as well as performance.
  • INCREASE YOUR WILLPOWER – Harboring a strong will power enhances your finances, your health, your relationship, your professional success, and all other areas of your life. Irrespective of the goals that you have set for yourself, you need willpower in order to attain them.
  • CONFIDENCE – Studies have revealed that an individual’s IQ is not the most important component for success. Instead, the following three factors are considered to be much more important than intelligence in determining success: self-confidence, goal setting, and perseverance. And individual’s self-esteem, or your self-confidence, is basically what he or she thinks about himself or herself. One of the reasons for boosting your self-confidence is that there is a strong association between confidence and success. Hence, one of your self-development goals should definitely boost your self-confidence.


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I was on the verge of losing my home with numerous negative items on my credit. No one would give me a loan or a line of credit. I had exhausted all of my financial avenues. That all changed once I contacted Xtended Hand. It was the best decision I’d ever made. With their assistance, I was able to have many of the negative items removed; thereby lifting my credit score and allowing me to be approved for a loan modification where my payments were reduced! I never thought this would be possible! Thank you Xtended Hand for rescuing me!

― Richard Thomas

I attended the highly impressive Xtended Hand’s seminar on “How to Improve Your Credit Seminar”. It proved quite beneficial. The learning material made the difference and I’m so proud that my credit score jumped 30 points in 1 month!

― Latonya Smith

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